Partnership Opportunity

CapstoneCore is partnered with training schools, international schools, learning centers or tutoring organizations around the world to provide high quality K-12 SMART Learning Solution in a unique multi-program format including,

1) USA CCSC(Common Core State Standards) curriculum, lesson plan and syllabus

2) Complete sets of e-text books for more than 400 USA courses from PreK-12th   

3) Personalized Learning Management System(LMS) with built in grade book

4) Official USA high school credit and diploma 

CapstoneCore also has a credit and diploma partnership with top K-12 public and private schools in USA. Through this partnership, CapstoneCore can offer an official high school credit and diploma to private and international schools in the world.

Partnership benefits with CapstoneCore


Aligned to national & state standards


Student-Centered solution with classroom learning Management system


Option to utilize Capstone professional certified Teachers


Variety of online curricula with Over 200 online courses available


Convenience, Comfortable and Reasonable


Better experience, Better results in anywhere in the world


7. Partnership with minimum 30 courses enrollment

Who can partner with CapstoneCore ?

Private and International schools in the world

CapstoneCore partnered with a broad range of private and international school organizations that use CapstoneCore SMART curriculum and digital learning tools to offer increased flexibility to students, teachers, and administrators, further facilitating their school’s ability to meet the needs of each student’s unique learning style. Using CapstoneCore solutions, the partner schools will be able to increase the school’s ability to offer blended learning programming; augmenting teaching staff and realizing budget savings using Capstone certified instructors; expanding course availability for summer school programming; and broadening and diversifying course offerings and teaching support.

Online learning center and offline tutoring organizations

Online and offline Tutoring centers wishing to augment their services can utilize CapstoneCore online prescriptive courses to create a custom learning path focused on the student’s individual needs.