Advanced students who are looking to accelerate their studies can also take our Common Core and NCAA Approved courses to free up their schedules and advance their studies in preparation for the future.

High School Credit Courses

Advanced students who are looking to accelerate their studies can also take our Common Core and NCAA Approved courses to free up their schedules and advance their studies in preparation for the future.

Credit Recovery

Students can fall behind in school due to numerous reasons such as scheduling conflicts, failure to pass a course, or other responsibilities. CAPSTONECore online courses give students the opportunity to catch up with their academic goals, graduate on time, and build their self-esteem!

Academic Advisors

Capstone Academic Advisors are available to work with you to ensure you have a good understanding of all resources provided through the classroom learning management system. Do you have questions about English assignments? Do you need extra help in History? If so, you can contact your academic advisor at anytime, anywhere!

Certified Teacher Tutors

CapstoneCore provides tutoring services with the most highly qualified, certified teachers in all content areas. Simply contact your Academic Advisor with course-related questions any time by email or through the built-in digital classroom learning management system in each course. Your advisor will then schedule tutoring sessions for you with the tutor that is best suited to address your specific educational needs.

How It Works

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    Diverse, challenging, high quality curriculum

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    Take courses online at CAPSTONE Core

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    Earn Credit

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    Apply credit toward towards a high school diploma.

Why Choose CAPTONECore Credit Course?


No Admission Processing Requirement

Without any admission requirements, anyone can earn credit since all CapstoneCore courses are aligned to CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and driven by curricula focused on knowledge acquisition and retention.


Study anywhere & anytime in your convenience

Students can access the courses anywhere with a solid internet connection and work at a pace that suits their needs.


High Quality Digital Classroom Suite with LMS

21st Century, award winning smart learning system with cloud-base eBooks, and comprehensive curriculum with audio and video are built into the classroom learning management system


Official Credit & Transcript from elite high schools in USA

Upon successful completion of CapstoneCore online courses, students will be awarded official credit and transcript from CapstoneCore elite partner high schools in the United States


Tutoring from The Best Certified Teachers

CapstoneCore offers a real time online tutoring option from highly qualified, certified teachers anytime, anywhere to fit the student’s schedule

What do you want to study?

English Language Arts

English 7 A/B
English 8 A/B
English 9 A/B
English 10 A/B
English 11 A/B
English 12 A/B
Understanding Literature
Advanced Literature Comprehension
Bible as Literature
Science Fiction Literature
Reading Comprehension A/B
Speed Reading
Recreational Reading
Reading around the World
English Usage
Technical Writing
Creative Writing
Writing Poetry


Pre-Algebra A/B
Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Plane Geometry A / Geometry B
Math 7 A/B
Math 8 A/B
Secondary Mathematics I A/B
Secondary Mathematics II A/B
Secondary Mathematics III A/B
Precalculus A/B
AP Calculus AB, A/B
AP Calculus BC, A/B
Trigonometry A
Business and Consumer Math A/B


Biology A/B
AP Biology A/B
Chemistry A/B
Honors Chemistry A/B
Computer Science A/B
Computer Technology
Earth Science A/B
Environmental Science
Science 7 A/B
Science 8 A/B
Physics A/B
Physical Science
Human Anatomy

Social Studies

AP Government
U.S. Government and Citizenship
Applied U.S. Government and Citizenship
Honors U.S. Government and Citizenship
World Civilizations
Current Events
AP Psychology, A/B
Survey of World History A/B
U.S History I A/B
U.S History II A/B
AP U.S. History A/B
World Geography
United States History to 1850
United States History from 1851
Northwest History
Northwestern History – WA State
Alaska History
New Mexico State History
History of the American West
AP World History A/B
World History: Eastern Hemisphere
World History: Western Hemisphere
World History: Europe and Russia
World Civilizations
Character of U.S.: Documents and Symbols
Character of U.S.: The People

World Languages

Arabic 1 A/B
Arabic 2 A/B
French 1 A/B
French 2 A/B
German 1 A/B
German 2 A/B
Japanese 1 A/B
Japanese 2 A/B
Korean 1 A/B
Korean 2 A/B
Latin 1 A/B
Latin 2 A/B
Russian 1 A/B
Russian 2 A/B
Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B
Spanish 3 A/B
AP Spanish, A/B


Introduction to Art
Art Foundations A/B
Introduction to Commercial Art
Digital Photography
Automotive Basics
Business Communications
Business Law
Child Development A/B
Preparing for Responsible Parenthood
Clothing Construction
Clothing Fashion Fundamentals
Public Speaking
Small Engine Repair
Financial Literacy
Fitness For Living
Lifetime Weight Control
Fitness for Sports and Recreation
Food and Nutrition A/B
Home Gardening
Beginning Guitar
Health Education
Health Education A/BPreparing for Health Occupations
Eating Disorders and Basic Nutrition
Drug Use and Abuse
Interior Design A
Introduction to Music
Beginning Piano
Personal Freedom
Project Self-Discovery
Dating: Romance and Reason
Essential Life Skills
Study Skills
Medical Terminology
Education and Career Planning
Life Preparation
Current Events
Intermediate Swimming
Walking Fitness
Weight Training
Character Education: Exploring Values