Fun, Educational Activities for PreK-6

  • Interaction with ELA, Math and Science content while having fun
  • Vibrant, eye catching colors and graphics
  • Rich, animated lessons and activities
  • Carefully created lessons and activities that address all styles of learning
  • Development of foundational skills through a game-like platform
  • Track child’s growth and progress in real time with LMS

Adaptive Learning Intervention for K-8th

  • Reading and Math based on Common Core State Standards
  • 50 years of proven results in continuously adaptive intervention solution
  • Personalized learning, individualized learning paths with differentiated content
  • Delivers tutorials, practice, challenge, and remediation if necessary
  • Designed for student mastery of essential literacy and math concepts
  • Enables students to take an active role in their learning and educational growth
  • Challenges and motivates students with every lesson and activity