Choice of Learning Model


Today’s students have a great deal more demands placed upon their time  than years ago and as such are in need of a wide range of study options to enable them to meet these demands with the least amount of stress.

At CapstoneCore, we have taken the steps to offer students a variety of models under which to study.  The choice is given to the student to determine which of the models will best suit his/her lifestyle at the moment.  Students can choose to study independently and earn credit if all course requirements are met.


and earn

1:1 Tutor

The can also choose to study with a 1:1 tutor throughout the course from start to finish or request a 1:1 tutor when and if the need presents itself for such support.

Model and Environment

The student has full control over his/her learning model and environment and also has the ability to easily move from one model to another as soon as he/she feels the necessity to do so.