$2,000/a month for extra income

Apply today if you have:

  • Make credential plural – credentials
  • Years of experience as a professional educator
  • Advanced Degrees that lend to the depth of you knowledge and understanding of the educational process
  • Passion and Energy for Teaching
  • An understanding of the International Learning Environment
  • Experience with 21st Century Blended Learning Methodology

Application Process

  • Step 1

    Online Application

    Submit an online application with resume, transcript, and all credentials

  • Step 2

    Demo lesson

    Prepare for “15 minutes demo lesson”

  • Step 3

    1st Interview

    1st Interview with “15 minutes online demo lesson” on subjects teaching area

  • Step 4

    Initial training

    Initial training how to use CapstoneCore online platform

  • Step 5

    Mock lesson

    25 minutes online mock lesson with a new students (paid lesson)

  • Step 6

    Review and sign

    Review and sign an independent contract

  • Step 7

    Background check

    Background check to comply with safety and security requirements

  • Step 8

    Curriculum Training

    Online curriculum training

Please contact info@CapstoneCore.com for more information